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[INVAIZ Studio] V2.2.2 Official update news

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Hello, we're INVAIZ.
This is an official update for INVAIZ Studio V2.2.1 Basquiat on July 7, 2022. 

Additional points
- Start collecting tutorial pages and user data
- Simultaneous management of built-in data within INVAIZ Studio Basquiat
- Validate licenses at installation
- Notification of Adobe Software shutdown when installing macOS
- Add scroll speed function

- Final Cut Pro Dual Monitor Mode Error Correction
- Fix Camera Raw, Pixel Floating Inoperative in Windows
- macOS multi-selection fully applied
- Feature Tooltips Improve user experience
- Modify scroll bar details
- Clip Studio Paint Brush Switching Shortcuts Modify
- Fixing the bug that cannot be loaded after exporting the preset of Korean document work.

If you have any questions or functions you want, please contact us at the website. Thank you.