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[INVAIZ Studio] V2.2.3 Official update news

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Hello, we're INVAIZ.
This is an official update for INVAIZ Studio V2.2.3 Basquiat on September 08, 2022.

Additional points
- Preset, error when loading custom files
- Drag preset, custom file, full settings file to load
- Add default shortcuts and integrate shortcuts common to all programs

- Fixing the Drag & Drop Bug in the Macro Composition Window
- Modify empty preset status after importing full settings
- Fixes no response when windows are turned on, such as Windows Import/Export
- Modify shortcut function tooltips when creating macros
- Auto-Switch Description Tooltip Modify Design Details
- Fix scroll out-of-scope bugs when deleting custom file list
- Fix errors that do not run in the Japanese version
- Fixed a bug to run the Final Cut Pro feature
- Fixed an issue that could not be recalled when loading the previous version of the mouse input feature
- Fix initial language setting Hangul fixed bug
- Fix error output format
- Fix Adobe Software Failure Error on M1 Mac
- Fix Automatic Switching Timing Errors
- Fix bugs that are not properly reflected in status changes
- Optimize CPU, memory, and compatibility
- Change Release Notes Design
- Dial, Button Language Unification

Deleted Items
- Remove tooltip mouse recognition
- Remove auto-switch function when mouse is focused

If you have any questions or functions you want, please contact us at the website. Thank you.