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fixed key is a key that is the same for each program. 

In the case of Copy, each program uses a different hotkey, but when you press Copy in Grid Pro, the function works the same in any program. 

However, officially supported programs cannot modify the sticky keys, but you can modify the sticky keys (Undo, Redo, Copy, Paste, Save) when you add your own programs.

The Preset Import feature allows INVAIZ Studio Basquiat to use the program's preset by downloading and loading the preset currently available on the official website, or by loading the preset file exported from another computer.

The Preset Export feature allows you to save the preset in a file format (.inz) by clicking the Export Preset icon in INVAIZ Studio Basquiat. 

※ The Preset Settings can be turned on as follows


If a bug occurs, please contact INVAIZ's official website to provide details of your operating system environment (Windows, macOS), the version of your program (number after INVAIZ Studio Basquiat), and how the bug is occurring, and send us a chat and email to help us process it as quickly and accurately as possible. 


Available in three versions: English, Japanese, and Korean, and can be set in INVAIZ Studio Basquiat -> Options -> Language Settings.