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INVAIZ's first crowdfunding sold out in three days.


On December 28, 2020, Wadiz's project name, "A Short Key Keyboard in the KRW 80,000 range, which reduces working hours, sold out in three days and achieved a funding rate of 2303%, and successfully ended crowdfunding."

The product introduced by INVAIZ is Grid10-CT (controller for wired design editing), and it has been supported by many supporters as demand for content production increases. In addition, it was able to confirm its high popularity by ranking first in the real-time ranking of the TOP20 notification application.

Grid10-CT is an auxiliary input device that allows users to easily customize the functions they want, and can set their own work environment through INVAIZ Studio (software). Even if it is not an official compatible program provided by INVAIZ, it is possible to set and set the program that the user wants.

INVAIZ, which was selected as a start-up support commercialization by the Small and Medium Venture Business Ministry's Startup Promotion Agency in 19, was able to introduce its first product at Wadiz after completing product development for two years.

Grid10-CT is available on the INVAIZ official website and the INVAIZ smart store.