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INVAIZ selected 11th generation following the 10th generation of Youth Entrepreneurship Academy.


INVAIZ announced that it was finally selected and enrolled in the 11th Youth Entrepreneurship Academy of the Small and Medium Venture Promotion Foundation in 2021.

INVAIZ, who graduated with the 10th final evaluation of the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy in 2020, will be selected as the 11th in 21 and supported by the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy.

The Youth Entrepreneurship Academy recruits regular courses and additional courses every year. In the case of additional courses, the competition rate is very high compared to the regular course because it is recruited for companies graduating from the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy and selected at a rate of 10% of all enrolled students.

At the time of graduation last year, INVAIZ completed its final evaluation with a "excellent" rating with a high score, and entered the school with a high score in 2021.

INVAIZ is promoting business advancement through the support of the Youth Entrepreneurship Academy in 2021.