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INVAIZ Grid10-CT ‘KITAS TOP11’ Selection


INVAIZ's Grid10-CT (Content Production Controller) was selected as "KITAS TOP11" by KITAS2021.

The KITAS Smart Device Show invited experts from each field as judges, and a total of 11 products were selected by evaluating a total of five items: innovation, design, marketability, functionality, and price competitiveness.

INVAIZ's Grid10-CT is the first product released by INVAIZ and is a controller that users can set their own shortcut keys and use them to edit programs.

Currently, there are 12 official support programs, including Adobe programs, MS Office products, clip studios, Hangul and computers, and unsupported programs can be added and used separately.

This product is equipped with several functions that increase the efficiency of the operation, such as an intuitive operation method considering user convenience, an automatic preset change function that automatically recognizes the program and responds immediately, and an automatic conversion of set functions.

It also provides a community for controller users to share user reviews and utilization plans.

Grid10-CT sold 500 units in three days, achieving 2302% of the target amount on the crowdfunding site.

Currently, it is sold through its own sales sites such as Naver Smart Store and INVAIZ, and will also enter offline electronic device stores in the future.

You will be able to see INVAIZ's Grid10-CT at the KITAS Smart Device Show in COEX, Seoul, for two days from July 23 to 24.