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Image editing controller startup 'INVAIZ', selected by TIPS


INVAIZ, a startup that develops video editing controllers and SW, announced that it has been selected as "TIPS," a technology start-up support program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

TIPS is a representative private investment-led technology start-up support program. The government and private investment companies will jointly discover startups that have IT technologies that will lead the global market and are likely to enter overseas markets and provide up to 700 million won for two years.

INVAIZ secured research funds for the development and advancement of new product technologies through the selection of tips.

INVAIZ noted that demand for video and content editing is increasing in the era of single-person media. As a result, the problems faced by content creators were solved with a controller, and they were supported by content creators through their flagship product, Grid10. In addition, its own software "INVAIZ Studio," which is being developed simultaneously, can pre-set the functions users want in accordance with the era of super-personalization, and can directly communicate data to editing programs through HW and SW, providing more convenient and personalized workflows. With these technological skills and growth potential, seed investment was attracted from the University Association Technology Holdings in Busan in September 21, and was selected as the 6th IBK Changgong Busan in January 22.

Lee Junseok, CEO of INVAIZ, said, "We will proceed quickly with technology advancement and global expansion through the selection of TEPS."