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INVAIZ attends IFA 2023, unveils edit controller Grid10-CT/Grid Pro


INVAIZ participated in the International Consumer Electronics Fair (IFA) 2023, Europe's largest consumer electronics exhibition, which was held in Berlin, Germany, from January 1-5 (local time).

INVAIZ has its own software, INVAIZ Studio, which combines the functions of an edit controller and several graphics software. The software is an integral part of INVAIZ's products as it allows users to customize the functionality of their own products.

Following CES, INVAIZ said it attended IFA 2023 to test the viability of its products for the European market.

At the show, INVAIZ reportedly attracted a number of buyers from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, and Austria, as well as various computer and peripheral manufacturers. In particular, INVAIZ's software technology is a technology that requires a lot of research and development, and it is reported that it received many inquiries from manufacturers and brands that have difficulties or difficulties in building software on their own.

In addition, INVAIZ has explored opportunities to develop and supply INVAIZ's software solutions to computer and peripheral device manufacturers beyond the sale of video editing controllers Grid10-CT and Grid Pro.

"Using IFA 2023 as a springboard to enter the European market for our video editing controllers Grid10-CT and Grid Pro this year, we aim to sign contracts to supply our own software solutions," said INVAIZ CEO Lee Jun-seok, expressing the company's ambition to diversify its business through securing various networks.

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