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[INVAIZ Studio] V2.2.1 Official update news

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Hello, we're INVAIZ.
This is an official update for INVAIZ Studio V2.2.1 Basquiat on May 31, 2022.

V2.2.1 Basquiat Updated Features


Additional points
– Final Cut Pro Test Support
– Apply shortcut input overlay
– Ability to select ranges from lists such as presets, custom files, etc.
– Change Scroll Bar

– Modify Drag & Drop impossible phenomenon if additional programs are not in the list.
– Change the display if there is no preset in the overlay status bar
– Modify Layout Fixed Phenomenon Stability in Windows
– Fix Adobe Software Invaiz Extension Extension Load Error in macOS
– Fix Adobe Premiere Pro recommended preset bugs in macOS
– Adobe Premiere Pro position, resize acceleration change
– Fix Lumetri Color Clear Index Bug in Adobe Premiere Pro

If you have any questions or functions you want, please contact us at the website. Thank you.