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[INVAIZ Studio] V2.2.5 Official update news

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Hello, we're INVAIZ.
This is an official update for INVAIZ Studio V2.2.5 Basquiat on March 3, 2023.

Additional points

- Added support for Grid Pro 
- Built-in functions available in the macro input area of the feature creation window 
- Ability to swap / overwrite when changing features by Drag & Drop 
- Scroll movement during Drag & Drop 
- Capacity optimization 


- Fixed bug where horizontal scrolling works as vertical scrolling
- Fixed screen overrun bug in settings window
- Fixed scroll details
- Fixed maximize/minimize icons being reversed
- Add button becomes smaller when the name is long in the program list
- Unified tooltip design
- Fixed behavior and messages of numerical manipulation function / Adobe communication function
- Fixed a bug where the context (right-click) menu goes out of the screen
- Fixed unsupported functions 

Deleted Items

- Removed support for macOS pixel float 

If you have any questions or functions you want, please contact us at the website. Thank you.