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Updates and news [INVAIZ Studio] V2.3.1 Additional update news

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Hello, we're INVAIZ.
This is an official update for INVAIZ Studio V2.3.1 Basquiat on April 4, 2023

Additional points

- Added shortcuts for some programs
   - Adobe Photoshop
   - Adobe Lightroom Classic - Windows
   - Adobe Illustrator
   - Adobe Indesign - macOS
   - Adobe AfterEffects
   - Microsoft Office Word - Windows
   - Microsoft Office Excel - Windows 
   - Microsoft Office Excel - Windows
   - Clip Studio Paint


- Fixed some programs providing incorrect hotkeys
   - Adobe Lightroom Classic - Windows
   - Clip Studio Paint
   - Final Cut Pro
- Fixed numbering
   - Grid Pro Group Change Overlay
   - Options Pane - Monitor Settings
- Fixed bug where program auto-switching could not be changed from the tray icon menu
- Fixed bug where Microsoft Power Point could not be recognized as an auto-switch on macOS
- Improved CPU performance when running functions

Additional information

- This version is a last-minute fix due to an issue.

If you have any questions or functions you want, please contact us at the website. Thank you.