Software specifically for INVAIZ products,
Learn how to use INVAIZ Studio and its key features. 




Learn how to use INVAIZ Studio, the software dedicated to INVAIZ products, and its key features.

Video used by program

Like adding paint to a palette

The design motifs in INVAIZ Studio are the palette and paint. A palette with paint on it,

because that's what Grid10 is.

Like putting paint on a palette

The design motif of INVAIZ Studio is in pallets and paints.
A palette of paint, that's Grid10. 

Background Setting

Make it easy to set up 
the features you need. 

First, place the functions I need to use 

Grid10 in each location. Complex functions 

can be easily used in one setup. 

Background settings

Easily set up

the features you need.

First, place the features you need to use Grid10 in their respective locations. This way, I can easily use complex features with a single setup.

Create a shortcut

If you don't see what you're looking for, type in your own

.Don't have what I need on a button or dial?

Contact INVAIZ and we can always add it for you, 

but it's probably faster to type in the commands you need yourself.

Easily adapt any command from any software.

Create a macro

Now, even macro input

Complex tasks that require multiple hotkeys can be transformed into single-button functions with INVAIZ Studio.

(Feel free to combine features like time delay, hotkeys, text, file opening, and more).


Not to be confused, the overlay

Keep an eye on your My Tasks screen to see what features you've set up. You can set the size, position, transparency, display time, and more in InVite Studio.

Add a program

With INVAIZ Studio,

any program can use the

You can add any program to your preset,

as long as it's running.

* If the program you are running changes, the settings in Grid10 will automatically switch as well.

Theme settings

Sometimes dark,

sometimes light.

INVAIZ comes with Dark Mode by default to save you from fatigue. But if you're bored with dark mode, we've got a light mode for you.

Create Shortcut Key 

If you don't have the function you want, 
enter it yourself 

Don't you have the function I need on the button, dial? You can create by entering the commands you need directly. Apply any command of any software easily. 

Create Macro 

Now enter the macro 

Even complex tasks that run with multiple shortcuts are transformed into functions that run with a single button after going through the INVAIZ Studio. 

(Freely combine functions such as time delay, shortcut keys, text, and file opening.) 


you don't get confused

Display overlay on my work screen to continuously check the functions set. You can set the size, location, transparency, display time, and more in the INVAIZ Studio. 

Add a program 

INVAIZ Studio, 
any program,

Based on the programs that are running, 

you can add any program to your My Preset. 

* Grid10's settings are automatically switched when the program you are running changes. 

Theme Settings

Sometimes it's dark.
Sometimes bright. 

INVAIZ comes standard with dark mode to relieve your fatigue. 

But for those who are bored with dark mode, 

we also prepared light mode. 

INVAIZ Studio will be updated continuously. 

We continue to develop INVAIZ Studio through continuous

communication with our customers. 

All of INVAIZ's products continue to evolve.